Retreats and Planning Processes

We design and organize retreats and planning processes that honor the power of silence—making space for individual reflection, embracing pauses and downtime in group deliberation, and emphasizing practices that help to surface hidden knowledge and perspectives. The goal is to develop the art of discernment: uncovering what’s true, what’s most needed, and what you truly want. It’s about finding the signal beyond the static.

Coaching, Training, and Skill Development

While the typical default is to turn up the sound and stimulus when challenges arise—maximizing meetings, emails, and other informational inputs—the most creative and durable solutions often emerge from slow and silent attention. We help to coach and train both individuals and teams in the capacity for quiet clarity. This includes both personal practices for renewing energy and finding equilibrium as well as group practices for uncovering biases and augmenting inspiration. We integrate this ethos into our training work—including programs that we offer individuals and teams on how to write and publish op-eds, blogs, articles, and books as well as how to refine the arts of public speaking and advocacy.


Op-Eds, Articles, Speeches, Books, and Other Writing and Media

Authentic communication—by definition—can’t be forced. It has to emerge from thoughtful and spacious deliberation. Drawing on our experience writing for leading newspapers and magazines, working with top publishing houses around the world, and speechwriting for leaders across sectors, we combine contemplative ideation with practical communications expertise. We can help you to craft and publish or deliver op-eds, speeches, website copy, and books as well as internal communications. Building on our backgrounds in national public policy and organizational leadership, we help to ensure that your words reach the right audiences and drive real-world change. We have relationships with leading filmmakers and documentarians and can support the production of top-quality video content.

Advocacy and Coalition-Building

Building on our work at the highest levels of government as well as business and nonprofit coalitions, we help mission-driven organizations develop strategies and operational partnerships to generate positive outcomes. We’ve built and managed unlikely coalitions that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of Congressional appropriations as well as major policy changes from multinational manufacturers and retailers.