Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise

The Power of Silence in a World of Noise

Golden is a field guide to getting beyond the noise—not just the noise in our ears, but also on our screens and in our heads. Drawing on lessons from neuroscience, business, spirituality, politics, and the arts, Leigh Marz and Justin Zorn explore why auditory, informational, and internal silence is essential for physical health, mental clarity, ecological sustainability, and vibrant community. They show how to go beyond the ordinary rules and tools of mindfulness to help individuals, families, organizations, and whole societies dial down the noise and find pristine attention.

Golden is a guide to getting out of the shallows and into the depths.
— Rebecca Solnit

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Justin Zorn has served as both a strategist and a meditation teacher in the US Congress.

A specialist in the economics and psychology of well-being, he has written for the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review,  The Guardian, Time, Newsweek, Wired, Foreign Policy, and other publications.  Justin is the coauthor of Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise, published by HarperCollins in the US, Penguin/Random House in the UK, and globally in 11 other languages. He is cofounder of Astrea Strategies, a consultancy that bridges contemplation and action, helping leaders and teams envision and communicate solutions to complex challenges.

Praise for Justin Zorn’s Writing and Work

"In a world when information overload has become the norm and indeed a badge of honor, Golden makes a radical claim: Unplugging and savoring silence is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our world. Golden weaves a gorgeous thread from neuroscience to politics, from spirituality to business, showing us the way to peace and renewal. I’m grateful for this profound yet practical exploration of silence and how to find it."

Arianna Huffington, New York Times bestselling author of Thrive

“Through the heartfelt stories of teachers like Jarvis Jay Masters, this book shows how to practice patience and compassion in times of fear and distraction. Golden explores why equanimity matters not just for our own resilience and joy, but also for the social and ecological sustainability of this world that we love.”

Pema Chödrön, Buddhist teacher and bestselling author of When Things Fall Apart

“Marz and Zorn make a convincing link between humanity's modern obsession with the pursuit of dopamine and our addiction to noise. Through extensive research and engaging storytelling, they point the way to more clarity, expansiveness, and calm.”

Judson Brewer, M.D., Ph.D. New York Times bestselling author of Unwinding Anxiety

Golden is an ode to the silence that can heal trauma and awaken creativity. In a plugged-in world of overwhelming noise and distractions, it’s all too easy to dehumanize each other, losing our sense of connectedness to other people and nature. This book offers a much-needed antidote.”

Rick Doblin, Executive Director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

“Justin Zorn and Leigh Marz offer us a powerful vision and valuable roadmap for how to repair our society: find more silence. We can do this not only as individuals but also as families, organizations, and even whole nations.”

U.S. Representative Tim Ryan: Member of Congress from Ohio, and author of A Mindful Nation

Golden is a guide to getting out of the shallows and into the depths. It’s a synthesis of many disciplines to chart a path toward a deeper, livelier, more aware and more peaceful way of being in the world.”

— Rebecca Solnit, bestselling author of more than twenty books, including Hope in the Dark, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, and Wanderlust